QsCalendar & In-App Purchase

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Why QsCalendar with In-App purchase?

QsCalendar is an awesome app.

 We want to make it available for

 all users around the global.

We want to make it affordable for everyone.

With In-App purchase features, 

it’s now truly affordable for everyone.

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The features are:

1.  Unlock More Photo Contacts

2.  Touch Year Selector To Show Next Year

3.  Touch Photo To Connect

The users can now select and enable the feature which it is needed.

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It's easy for you to understand and to learn QsCalendar by the use cases.

QsCalendar was designed with those use cases.

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1.  Unlock More Photo Contacts

The first group of users and the feature

Unlock More Photo Contacts

This is the main In-App purchase feature 

and every QsCalendar user should enable this feature first. 

The user can enable other features later, 

if it is needed.

Because it's the main In-App purchase feature 

and we want make it affordable for everyone,

We have make it available with 

the lowest possible price available on the app store.

By default and free available: 

QsCalendar shows 2 contacts with birthdays each month. 

The user can enable it to show more contacts with birthdays each month.

The user can enable this with the feature: 

Unlock More Photo Contacts

After this feature is enabled, 

the user will see all available birthdays with contact photo.

Just touch the Month Selector of the date picker to show!

* * * * * 

2.  Touch Year Selector To Show Next Year

The seconde group users and the feature: 

Touch Year Selector To Show Next Year

This feature is very nice for the individual user, 

for example to see when someone becomes 18 years.

It's specially awesome for the the companies, organisations, schools and anyone who has a group of personals or people. 

From the insurance company companies to the kindergartens.

By default and free available

user sees birthdays of the current year.

If user want to show the birthdays for the coming 50 years, 

user can spin the Year Selector of the date picker.

The user can enable this awesome feature with: 

Touch Year Selector To Show Next Year

In addition, 

If the Birth Year of contact is available, 

the user also see the age of the contacts. 

The age calculation is based on, 

which year the contact is born. 

* * * * * 

3.  Touch Photo To Connect

The third group of users and the feature: 

Touch Photo To Connect

It's for everyone how want to connect to friends and family very fast and very easily.


By default and free available

user can swipe to access the contact list and select contact to make phone call 

or take other actions. 

It's the feature of the Contacts App.

It's awesome to Touch Contact Photo in the collection view 

to access the contact details directly.

The user can enable this awesome feature with: 

Touch Photo To Connect

This feature enables you to show contacts details without search in the contacts list!

* * * * * 

Why Qscalendar? 

Every Day & Every Time!

There are many reasons, but this is practical one. 

We use QsCalendar daily to connect with own friends and family.

After a period of time, 

we automatically remember the birth month of our friends and family.

Just touch Month Selector, 

touch Contacts Photo and make phone calls or video calls.

 It is very fast and very easy. 

Because, Don't have to search the contact in the list or else where. 

The friends and family are the special contacts, 

which want to be connected everyday and every time. 

It’s used to connect very frequently!

* * * * * 

A simple calculation:

Let 30 contacts: friends and family which to contact very frequently.

On average 2 times: sending iMessages, make phone calls or video call.

This means thousands times using contact search every year in one way or another.

QsCalendar allows you to connect without need to search contacts.

Just use it for a short period of the time, 

 the Birth Month of the frequent contacts are remembered automatically.

Once learned, it's available for the life time. 

the Birth Month of the contact is unique 

and it never changes.

While everyone has more than one name: 

nickname, first name, last name, christian names 

and the name in specific languages: 

for example East language name, 

the West language name and so on.

QsCalendar has solved this for ever!

 It just uses the Birth Month, 

which is universal valid in all countries 

and all languages around the global.


* * * * * 

One more thing:  

Someone remembers the telephone before the mobile?

Yes, there are 10 buttons on it, 

to make a short cut to dial the numbers.

QsCalendar truly, simply and logically replaces 

those buttons with the Month Selector

 and the most important part:

 it's for many mobile contacts in the address book!

* * * * * 

The privacy and QsCalendar:

We take it very seriously, and it's all about privacy, this means "zero tolerance"!

We want to protect your private data with the best technology available. 

The rest is about the technology which enables us to make it easier for you.