Make iPhone users your business customers

QSware Gifts for online business international


QSware Gifts connects with One Touch!

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QSware Gifts is the B2B app for the online business international. 

QSware Gifts can make iPhone users your online customers worldwide.

QSware Gifts app is designed to connect online business with the users around the global with just One Touch.

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When the user opens the QSware Gifts app, all birthday information of the Contacts are shown with photos

Today's birthdays and the birthdays from This Week are shown with color.


The app is designed to take your business to the next higher level, to connect users with business very easily to shopping or to do any other services.

The app is an awesome photo album address book of the Contacts. 

The users can interact with the app very frequently to make phone calls, video calls or sending iMessages. 

The users can engage with business all the time

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QSware Gifts is designed for the online companies to do business internationally and very easily.

QSware Gifts can be directly integrated with the business app.

QSware Gifts app will be distributed from the business partners via the VPP Store:

 B2B Apple Volume Purchase Program.

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Are you the online business owner or the online business representative and you are interested in QSware Gifts app? 

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